Import Export URL Rewrites Magento 2

Hello All,

We have launch our brand new Magento2 extension in-front of you “Import Export URL Rewrites Magento 2


This extension allow you to Import or Export URL Rewrites by using CSV file.

This extension allows store owner to Import URL Rewrite with its relevant data like request path, target path, redirect type , store Id, description and entity type by using CSV files. Additionally, it allows to export existing URL Rewrite details within just one click. This means It is vastly used for store owners who are migrating stores into Magento 2 from Magento 1 or any other e-commerce framework. By using this extension, the headache of migrating URL can be eliminated.

Import/Export URL Rewrites Features

  • Bulk Import URL Rewrite with all possible options
  • Easily export URL Rewrite with in just one click
  • Handle Magento URL validation for URL Rewrite import
  • Support all URL rewrite type like Temporary (302), Permanent (301)
  • Able to give proper error message If its any error occur during bulk Import
  • Highly use for migrating data Into Magento 2
  • Making store owner life easy
  • Easy Installation and Ready to use
  • Plug & play

Standard Features

  • Follow Magento 2 coding standards for this extension
  • Compatible with Latest Magento 2  editions
  • No core files are overwritten by this extension

For more Information : Import Export URL Rewrites Magento 2



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